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2017 Professional activities

  • July 30 - Aug 4 — Kripalu Center for Yoga

    Lenox, Massachusetts — Drawing Closer to Nature, a one week studio intensive. Contact: Kripalu Center for Yoga, program office. 800-741-7353,

  • Southern Illinois University

    Carbondale, IllinoisArchival collection of the professional papers of Peter London. Now available online at (under Collections > Peter London).

    With more than 400 folders of archival material, the collection provides a rich portrait of an artist/educator whose five decades of service has significantly contributed to a wider understanding of the transformative role the arts provide our personal and public lives.

    Contact: Pamela Hackbart-Dean, Director, Special Collections Research Center. or
  • Artizein: Art and Teaching Journal

    An online journal published by Southern Illinois University the mission of which is to broaden and deepen the literature on the arts and their teaching, and to explore emergent of representing those findings. Contact:

    Volume I: The arts and their teaching from holistic perspectives
    Volume II: Papers presented at a colloquium at SIU concerning the Peter London archives
    Volume III: in press: Environmental issues, the arts and their teaching, guest editor, Jan Van Boekel 

  • April 6 - 30 — Exhibition

    Woodland, CA — Solo exhibition: “Joining Heaven and Earth,” Gallery 625, Opening reception Thursday April 6th, 6-9.

    Peter's recent work devotes itself to drawing closer to Nature, more exactly; "Joining Heaven and Earth." During the last several years, Peter has had a number of experiences that have brought him from being over here and Nature over there, to Nature and him being on the same side of the fence. He has come to believe that the world, Nature, is not merely a pretty plaything. Nature, every morsel of it, seems to be sacred. What does he mean by "sacred?" He doesn't know. But to say it is not sacred seems even more wrong, more incomprehensible than to say it is. Nature, he claims, is somehow imbued with qualities that are more than the mechanics of things banging into things, fusing now and then to make new things. Pretty things. Peter experiences the whole cosmos as something different, something more, even "better." Peter's work explores the forces that may be behind or within every entity of Nature that makes the myriad appearances and movements of the cosmos graceful, beautiful, and new.

    For more about Peter London's art, visit the Artist section.